Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Community Detroit

Rosary Community Garden

For more than fifteen years, a community garden has been growing in the backyard of Our Lady of the Rosary. The hard work and dedication of Sr. Joan, her deep connections with the neighborhood and the help of many friends have made of that garden a success, publicly recognized by the media. It has been a designated stop on the Annual Detroit Agricultural Network Tour of Urban Gardens.

Sr. Joan Baustian checked on the garden

Besides organically grown fruit and vegetables, many other beautiful activities sprout from this garden. Over the years, children from our immediate vicinity have become involved along with their parents. Not only do they enjoy many hours spent growing their own food, they also participate in workshops, ranging from arts and crafts sessions to reflection on conflict resolution or about healthy eating habits. And there's also plenty of fun time: field trips to theaters or to the festivals on Hart Plaza, trips to a farm or to Cedar Point. Thanks to their involvement with the garden many children were able to go to summer camps. The garden wants to be a place where our Parish and the local community can meet and interact. We witness this every year during the annual summer picnic around the gazebo.

The garden is back - May 2013
The garden is back - May 2013
The garden is back - May 2013

Sister Joan can hardly contain her delight as the combination of sun, new growth and wonderful community workers promise another wonderful gardening year.

A true community garden — parents and children working and learning together.

Always the teacher, Sister Joan shares her farming expertise with a new generation.

This project is made possible thanks to funding and resources provided by:

Sr. Joan Baustian and squash from the garden

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