Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Community Detroit

Adults with Disabilities Retreats

Our Lady of the Rosary offers an opportunity to study, reflect on and pray with the Bible. We approach the Word of God to better our understanding of it and find in it nourishment for our journey today.

During each session, which is self-contained, we read two passages of Scripture chosen among the readings proposed for the Mass. We study a passage from the Gospels and a passage from one of the other books of the Bible (Old or New Testament).

We try to understand the way the Bible was progressively written; we situate the historical and cultural background of the texts; we listen together to catch their original meaning and their resonance in our lives.

The group meets every second and fourth Monday of the month, from September to June. We usually meet every week during Lent.

2nd and 4th Mondays at 7:00PM in the Parish House.

Contact person: Jean-Marie Allion –