Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Community Detroit

Music Ministry

The Our Lady of the Rosary Choir is a passionate and devoted group of lay people that serves the parish through meaningful music ministry. Our goal is to move people and lift their spirits in a way that leaves them feeling connected to people in a manner that magnifies souls.

There is an old adage that expresses, "When you sing, you pray twice." We would like to think that we pray many times over as we use our voices and talents to positively influence the people in our community. Our pastor has expressed, "We pray not to change God, but we pray so that God changes us to meet our challenges." Through our music ministry, we strive to empower the congregation to be moved to make meaningful changes in themselves. That's the power of prayer. That's the power of our ministry.

We find that in making a connection through the music to people, we end up finding what we all truly seek – our souls. As the Jesuits pray, "I sought my soul I could not see. I sought my God he eluded me. I sought my neighbor and I found all three." Every time we come together to minister, we find all three – through the words, through the music, and through one another.

Music Director:Mr. Alton James
Percussion:Mr. Anthony Bojanic
Guitar:Mr. Anderson Tilson
Flute:Mr. Patrick Yee
Choir:Ms. Corinne Bojanic
Ms. Denise Hytower
Ms. Mary Morand
Ms. Shaun Nethercott
Mr. Wesley Nethercott
Ms. Darlene Oubre
Mr. John Schlitt
Ms. Anh tran
Ms. Barbara Murdock
and many more ... why not you?